Support Platte County Trails and Parks

Trail and park funding is under attack in Platte County. Please take a minute to let the County Commission know that you support continued investments in trails and parks for the health, vitality, and economy of Platte County. The Platte County Commission recently rejected a proposal to reduce funding for parks and trails, and now […]

Trolley Trail closed at Troost due to sinkhole fears

Part of the Trolley Track Trail has been closed from Troost Avenue east to Woodland Avenue due to concerns about a possible sinkhole developing. This is the same section of trail that was closed for several months in 2010 when a sinkhole appear near an abandoned mine. There is no sinkhole yet, but the KC […]

ACTION ALERT: Ask McCaskill and Blunt to vote for Complete Streets TODAY

Update 12/14/2011 5:00 p.m. – The amendment passed unanimously.  We owe a big thanks to everyone who contacted Senators Blunt and McCaskill! Today Missouri Senators Clairie McCaskill and Roy Blunt will be voting in committee on a Complete Streets amendment that would require all road users to be fairly considered in projects that receive federal […]

Get You and Your Bike Ready for the Snow!

by Eric Bunch, Director of Education. Although I wouldn’t normally classify this type of post as ‘news’, I think we would all agree that Blizzard 2011 was a major news story for most of the country last February. Kansas City found itself buried under more than a foot of snow. So before the inevitble strikes […]

83rd Street bike ban fails in 3-2 vote at De Soto City Council

We beat the bike ban!  After long but civil debate the De Soto City Council voted 3-2 aganist reinstating the 83rd Street bicycle ban. Over 300 of you signed our petition and sent messages to the City Council, and those letters had real impact.  There was a lot of discussion about the image the town wants to […]

Don’t blame the victims for pedestrian fatality surge

There is a surge in pedestrian injuries and fatalities in the Kansas City region, especially by hit-and-run motorists. While local officials have thankfully responded to this tragic trend, so far the local response sends a bad message blaming pedestrians and letting motorists off the hook. We called attention to this spike at the beginning of […]