Get a Bike Rack

Get a Bike Rack

As new bike lanes pop up throughout the region, Kansas Citians are looking for places to park their bikes. BikeWalkKC has partnered with Dero to accommodate these needs, providing new bike racks to business owners and community members at a competitive price. In addition, some of the proceeds of this transaction will directly enhance the biking culture of Kansas City.

"When Dr. Sloop started Sloop Dental Co. in 2016, there was one thing she knew we needed: bicycle parking. She partnered with BikeWalkKC to create our iconic tooth-shaped bike racks and today we encourage all of our patients to ride their bike to our office!" - Sloop Dental in Kansas City, Missouri

Biking improves the quality of life and health of a community, and also helps the environment, but the benefits do not stop there. Statistics show that biking is incredibly beneficial to businesses. Numerous studies have shown that bike traffic boosts the number of visits to local businesses. Increased accessibility of bike parking will allow these benefits to reach the Kansas City area.

"I live in Midtown and I love biking to work, nights out, and crowded events. My favorite feeling is the power of riding a bike home from the Plaza Art Fair knowing I didn't have to suffer through finding car parking." - RideKC Bike customer

BikeWalkKC will help customers navigate Kansas City’s bike parking standards and permits, recommend quality bike racks to best meet their needs, and offer free site-visits. We can even help with customized bike parking designs!

Custom bike rack in downtown Overland Park.

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Are you a developer, business owner, or school administrator, interested in providing bike parking at your location? For more information on the BikeWalkKC bike parking program, please contact Eric Vaughan at