Prospect Corridor Asset Mapping

In March 2018, BikeWalkKC received a grant from TransitCenter to help neighborhoods along the Prospect Corridor develop multimodal connection opportunities that coincide with the forthcoming Prospect MAX rapid transit bus route. Acknowledging that limited resources are available to fully integrate neighborhoods with this public transit enhancement, attention was turned to identifying the key assets residents […]

Burlington Complete Street Design

BikeWalkKC is assisting North Kansas City and project engineers with the design and construction of a two-way cycle track on Burlington Street. Today Burlington functions as a highway corridor, but North Kansas City plans to transform Burlington into a thriving, sustainable, complete street and a more inviting front door for the community. A centerpiece of […]

Community Dashboard

Data is a powerful tool for engaging the community and advocating for change. BikeWalkKC’s Community Dashboard helps us measure the pace of change in making our streets places for people.

Home Street Home interactive exhibit

BikeWalkKC Community Planning Home Street Home Interactive Exhibit Home Street Home is an interactive educational exhibit that explores our streets and public spaces as places where we travel, shop, play, and engage with our communities. Good streets are places that support living well: places that make us safer, healthier, and more productive, places with people […]

Request the Home Street Home Exhibit

If you are interested in borrowing Home Street Home, please contact before filling out this form. HSH is very large and requires advancing for the venue, logistics, set-up, tear-down, etc. There are also options to borrow pieces of the exhibit. Depending on the nature of the organization and/or event, there may be fees involved.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Observation Services

BikeWalkKC understands the importance of good data to inform decisions about the design and operations of streets. We combine quantitative and qualitative data collection with the latest traffic observation technologies to create a complete picture of existing conditions and counts for all modes and users. Among the tools our team can employ are Miovision Scout […]

Bike Parking Programs

Bike parking is increasingly important for communities, institutions, and businesses looking to improve access and serve people with an expanding range of mobility options. Successful bike parking requires thoughtful planning.  Location, design, access, and installation are all important factors. From district-wide bike parking plans to consultations for individual businesses, BikeWalkKC provides a full range of […]

Bicycle & Pedestrian Policy & Codes

Good transportation policy forms the foundation of a truly multi-modal community. We work with communities all over the region to identify solutions to complex transportation challenges by offering custom designed policy and code language. Our team of transportation professionals provides services ranging from traffic code review to comprehensive policy document creation. We provide solutions for […]

Better Block

Thomas Morefield, now the Director of Community Planning for BikeWalkKC, helped organize the region’s first Better Block event in 2012 to transform one block of Grand Boulevard for a day, using low or no cost temporary solutions to inspire people about the possibilities of better, permanent design improvements. Grand Boulevard, between 16th and 17th Street, […]

City of North Kansas City Codes & Policy Review

As North Kansas City moves forward with several exciting bicycle infrastructure projects, BikeWalkKC has been assisting with a review and update of codes and policies related to bicycles and pedestrians. In July 2018, BikeWalk presented the first round of code recommendations to the North Kansas City Council, including protections for vulnerable road users, guidance on […]