Complete KC

Streets are a city's greatest public spaces. When designed well they connect communities, provide transportation options, build a strong local economy, and create a sense of place. Unfortunately, Kansas City long ago prioritized moving car traffic quickly above all else. As a result many of the people, businesses, and livability left the center of the city.

Complete KC is a community-driven process to plan, design and implement a Complete Street network to better connect neighborhoods and restore sense of place. Let's re-imagine a street network where everyone from 8 to 80 years old can move about their city and feel safe regardless of their mode of travel.

What is a Complete Street?

Complete Streets are safe, comfortable, and convenience for all people regardless of their type/mode of transportation. Complete streets promote a culture of well-being through physical activity, economic opportunity, and a sense of community by getting us outside and engaged with our community.

Buffered bike lane on a re-imagined Broadway, Kansas City, MO