Policy Makers

Elected leaders, school administrators, and other policy makers can support can walking and biking to school with a variety of policy reforms. We need your support to help make it safer for our children to walk and bike to school.


  • In 1969, half of all kids walked to school. Today that number is less than 15%
  • Today, nearly one in three young people is either obese or overweight
  • The child obesity rate is four times greater among children ages 6-11 than it was a generation ago (the same rate has tripled for adolescents ages 12-19)
  • Only one-third of children are getting DHHS’ recommended level of 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day
  • Up to 30% of morning traffic comes from parents driving their kids to school, and traffic crashes are the top cause of injury and death to US kids under 18.

. BikeWalkKC can advise, provide technical assistance, consulting, and more to elected leaders, school administrators, and other policy makers.

  • Complete Streets – designing streets to safely and comfortably work for everyone
  • Joint Use Agreements – schools and communities partnering to allow access to playgrounds and other school faclities
  • School Siting – putting new schools in places that allow biking and walking to school.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Task Team

BikeWalkKC co-chairs this sub-committee of the regional Destination Safe coalition. It brings together professionals and advocates in transportation, public health, education, health care, planning, engineering, and more.