Safe Routes to School Programs and Services

In 1960, half of kids walked or biked to school. Today fewer than 15% of kids walk or bike to school.

Safe Routes to School is the national movement to get more kids walking and biking to school. Organizing a walking school bus with neighbors, asking the city to install a crosswalk across a busy street, adding bike racks at schools, and reforming district policies are all steps that schools, parents, and community members can take to make it safer and easier to walk and bike to school. BikeWalkKC is a nationally-recognized leader in helping communities get more kids walking and biking to school. We offer services, programs, resources, and consulting for parents, communities, and schools.

When kids walk or bike to school they not only get a daily dose of much-needed physical activity, they also burn off excess energy and arrive in the classroom ready to learn.

It takes a village! BikeWalkKC can help families, schools, and policy  makers champion Safe Routes to school.