Best Practices for Bike Lanes Along Major Bus Routes

The Kansas City Area Transit Authority has plans in the works for rerouting all of their buses onto what they are calling Transit Emphasis Corridors (TEC). The north-south routes will follow Grand and the east-west routes will follow 11th/12th. Besides the obvious connections transit has to walkability, these plans have implications for riding a bike […]

KCMO Parking and Transportation Commission Recommends Anti-Pedestrian Spending in Downtown

Earlier this week KCMO’s Parking and Transportation Commission voted, without public comment, to accept KCMO staff recommendation to fund some bicycle and pedestrian improvements as part of the Greater Downtown Area Plan implementation. The recommendations were approximately $20,000 for bike lanes, $1.3m for audible pedestrian signals (for the blind and visually impaired) and $588,000 for […]

Streetcar Preliminary Plan – We Need to Get to Work

We were able to get ahold of the NextRail draft plan today and have taken a first look… and it’s not great. It also isn’t horrible.   Our truncated conclusion is this: We have a lot work to do if we expect bike lanes and pedestrian improvements to be integrated into the project, especially at […]

How Do I Bike from Midtown to Downtown? Mapping the Barriers

On my bike ride into the office this morning, I got to thinking about the indirect route I have to take in order to avoid uncomfortable, high speed streets. That’s not to say that I won’t bike in more stressful traffic situations, I just prefer not to. So I’m burdened with a challenge each morning: […]

Downtown Bike Network

Big changes are planned for Downtown with 13 miles of new bike routes. New connections between the River Market, 18th & Vine, Downtown Loop, Crown Center, Westside, Crossroads, West Bottoms, and Riverfront Heritage Trail are thanks to a $900,000 federal grant and matching funds from the 3rd and 4th City Council districts. This new hub and spoke […]

City installs 200 miles of bike route signs

KCMO's bike master plan is moving forward with the installation of almost 200 miles of signed bike routes and new plans for more bike lanes. In recent weeks the City has been installing new bike route signs on 180 miles of streets, a huge step forward in implementing the 2002 Bike KC master plan. These […]