It’s Here! Check out the Complete KC DIY Guide

BikeWalkKC works day in and day out to fulfill our mission to redefine our streets as places for people to build a culture of active living. We do this because we understand the importance that our streets play as an integral part of our public space.

What’s so important about our public space is the fact that there is something there for everyone. There’s open pavement that can be accessed for block parties and traffic calming, vacant lots that can be redeveloped for community needs, and plenty of green space for trees and other natural elements. If you can find a way through the maze of bureaucracy and red tape, our public space is a largely untapped community asset.

This brings up an interesting question: How does one activate the public space in such a way?

Enter the Complete KC DIY Guide.

The Complete KC DIY Guide is your resource for navigating the labyrinth of folks, forms, and formalities to bring your ideas for the streetscape to fruition. There’s also information on how to access maintenance for some of the existing elements in your neighborhood.

The guide is divided into four sections:

  1. Pop-Up Events and Demonstrations – describes how residents can conduct temporary activities to serve the community and re-imagine the streetscape,
  2. Neighborhood Preservation – explains how residents can access services and resources that help them maintain a safe and clean streetscape,
  3. DIY: Permanent – deals with how one can request more permanent changes to the built environment, and
  4. Capital Improvement – details how residents can start the process for bringing new infrastructure to parts of the city.

While this is not an exhaustive list of everything you can access or how to do it, we want this to serve as a starting point for people who want to make changes to their streets, but for one reason or another, have not been able to do so.

The Complete KC DIY Guide  was made possible with support from the Health Forward Foundation, which works to transform communities so everyone has an opportunity for better health.

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