Unexpected Cities Are Building Protected Bike Lanes

It is common practice for city officials to visit other US Cities as well as International ones for the opportunity to tour innovative infrastructure. This is exactly what KCMO officials did during the early planning stages of the downtown streetcar. Several members of the city staff and city council travelled to Portland, OR and Seville, Spain to […]

Speak up for Road Diet on 75th St. in KCMO

The Waldo CID, Family Bikes, and the city of KCMO is holding a series of open house events this week to gather public input on how best to improve the intersection of 75th and Wornall in Waldo. The first meeting is this evening (Tuesday, August 11th) at 5:30 p.m. An historic streetcar suburb, Waldo is replete with […]

KCMO Parks Board Is Set to Vote on New Boulevards and Parkways Standards

Earlier this year, the KCMO Parks and Recreation Department began a public planning process to update standards for new development along the boulevards and parkways. These updates will lay out requirements for how new buildings look as well as how people access them from the street. The design of buildings has a significant impact on neighborhood […]

KCMO Public Works publishes results of Road Diet study

The City of KCMO has identified forty-six streets as good candidates for road diets – an idea that re-purposes underutilized roadway space to create places for people to walk and bike. The first road diet is already scheduled for this year. Video of the April 2nd Public Works presentation to the City Council’s Transportation and […]

Quick Update on the KCMO Road Diet Analysis

This morning the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee of the KCMO City Council heard a presentation from the department of public works on a recently completed road diet analysis. The analysis was prompted by a council resolution adopted in December that called for an analysis of all of the city’s undivided streets with four or more […]

KCMO Parking and Transportation Commission Recommends Anti-Pedestrian Spending in Downtown

Earlier this week KCMO’s Parking and Transportation Commission voted, without public comment, to accept KCMO staff recommendation to fund some bicycle and pedestrian improvements as part of the Greater Downtown Area Plan implementation. The recommendations were approximately $20,000 for bike lanes, $1.3m for audible pedestrian signals (for the blind and visually impaired) and $588,000 for […]

How Do I Bike from Midtown to Downtown? Mapping the Barriers

On my bike ride into the office this morning, I got to thinking about the indirect route I have to take in order to avoid uncomfortable, high speed streets. That’s not to say that I won’t bike in more stressful traffic situations, I just prefer not to. So I’m burdened with a challenge each morning: […]