Downtown bike network finally goes out to bid for contruction

The long, long-delayed project to add 13 miles of bike lanes in the Greater Downtown is finally moving forward! This morning the project went out to bid for a construction company to start the work this summer. It’s looking hopefully that this project will finally come to fruition later this year, after two years of delays and more than five years of discussion and planning.

The downtown network includes several key routes like West Pennway on the Westside, 18th Street connecting the Crossroads with the Jazz District, and buffered bike lanes on Grand Boulevard.

This ribbon cutting is eagerly anticipated! When it happens, BikeWalkKC is encouraging the city to have a strategy in place for extending the north/south route on Grand to connect Downtown to Midtown, the Country Club Plaza, and the Trolley Track Trail.

Here’s more information about other recent KCMO announcements on bikeways and bike infrastructure.

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