Our resolutions for 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, we consider our success of the past year, as well as the challenges we will continue to face in 2018. We mourned a rash of fatal crashes involving pedestrians, and our efforts to keep Westport sidewalks public were thwarted. We celebrated the passage of GO Bonds and a Complete Streets ordinance, progress on bike lanes, and BCycle expansion across the city.

On a more personal note, our expanding team of planners, educators, and advocates has celebrated new babies, notable achievements, and many adventures.  Looking forward to the new year, a few staff members have shared their resolutions:

Michael Kelley: “More reading, more bike riding, and less red meat!”

Karen Campbell: “I want to use my BCycle membership more in 2018. With more stations than ever (including one right outside of our office door), and more bikeways cropping up all around the region, I need to leverage that annual membership on a more frequent basis to explore my own city. Bonus: I can use my membership when I visit Nashville this spring, so I can explore that city on two wheels, too!”

Maggie Priesmeyer: “Normalize my work load. The last year has been crazy (and amazing) with finishing my master’s degree, working on my house, getting married, all while managing the growth of BikeWalkKC’s education programs. I’m looking forward to slowing down and establishing a more balanced routine!”

Areiona King:
“- Developing a consistent morning/ night routine.
– Literally writing out my plans and ideas to more effectively bring them to fruition.
– Expand my vocabulary in English and Spanish.
– Continue trying new recipes.
– Take more selfies.
– Strengthen the Safe Routes to School program.
– Develop a strong community presence and impact in Wyandotte County.
– Become educated and empowered to be a confident bike rider. (Parks only, I don’t trust MO drivers, I’m sorry!)
– Effectively become a kid again. (No seriously. Younger siblings are the perfect alibi.)”

Laura Steele: “Now that my youngest child is at the age and weight where she can ride in the bike trailer, I am renewing my commitment to ​getting around more-often-than-not by bike. Let’s hope global warming keeps it relatively nice out!”

Eric Rogers: “A solo bike-packing trip on the Katy Trail!”

Liz Harris: “I’m looking forward to spending more time outside– more backpacking, more biking, more camping.  And I’ll call my politicians whenever I have a signal.”

Annamarie Weddle: “My resolution is to see more live music and visit some out of town friends who I haven’t seen in a while! I have also been trying to visit all the coffee shops in town that I haven’t been to yet.”

To all of our friends, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

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