OP Councilman criticizes bike plan

Overland Park 4th Ward Councilman Terry Goodman was recently quoted in the Blue Valley Post criticizing the City’s bike plan and investment in new bike lanes.

In 2015 Overland Park adopted the region’s most ambitious on-street bike plan, and has been moving rapidly to implement it. While the plan is ambitious, it is also very pragmatic. Much of the implementation is happening when streets are repaved, so there is little added cost to include bike lanes when all of the lane stripes are replaced. The city has also been successful in obtaining federal transportation grants to cover up to 80% of the cost for many of the bike lane projects.

The plan received strong public support and was adopted by a large majority of the City Council. Now would be a good time to contact the Mayor and your councilmembers to let them you know you support the bike plan and Overland Park’s investments in the bike network. It would be especially helpful for you to do this if you live in the 4th Ward and are represented by Terry Goodman.

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