Walking/Bussing/Scooting in an Intern’s Shoes

Kaylah -far right- with her Kauffman history teacher Mr. Beltrami, BWKC Education Manager Laura Steele and BWKC Education Operations Manager Glen Rumbaugh.

Kaylah Beatty is a sophomore at the Ewing Marion Kauffman school and a summer intern with our Education team. As part of her immersion in our active transportation advocacy and education, we took her on a Multimodal Transportation Tour of Downtown Kansas City. In her words:

We practiced using apps to find the fastest and most convenient ways to get to our destinations.

Before going on the Multimodal Transportation Tour, I never really used public transportation to get around. I take the streetcar a few times out of the year but in order to get around I mainly drive a car. A few employees at BikeWalkKC and I went around downtown using different modes of public transportation. We took the bus, streetcar, and we walked. We went to Made in KC Cafe where we sat outside, drinking coffee. We visited the library and walked around for a bit, took a walk around the river market, and we ended our tour at Parlor KC food hall. 

I never knew how fun it could be to get around using basic forms of public transit. I never really considered doing so because I always thought that it would be too much work in order to get from place to place. Going on this tour showed me that it’s quite simple to get to where you want to go by simply walking or taking the bus. Besides from being pretty simple and fun, there are other benefits to taking public transportation. Not only is it better for the environment, but it can also be beneficial to your health. As a person who doesn’t do much, and rarely moves around, walking around on this tour allowed me to get a good amount of exercise that was well needed for my body, to say the least. This tour was really eye opening for me as I was very foreign to public transportation. I will definitely be taking more forms of public transit from now on.


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