At-Home Walking and Biking Activities

Activities you and your kids can do together and at home!

Lesson 1: Pedestrian Safety Training

In this session, we'll teach you and your kids ways to navigate your neighborhood safely on foot.

Lesson Resources:

Kids Walk KC Activities

Take a walk! See what you discover.

Lesson 2: Helmet Fitting and ABC Quick Check

In this session, you'll learn how to "check yourself before you wreck yourself" with Helmet Fitting & ABC Quick Check.

Lesson Resources

Quick video refreshers

Lesson 3: Rules of the Road and Power Pedal

In this session, we'll explain the rules of the road and teach you the Power Pedal skill.

Lesson Resources

Try this at home!

  • Have your parents help you practice Power Pedal in your driveway or at the park
  • Create a quiz to test yourself and others on the primary rules of the road


Lesson 4: Starting and Stopping Skills

In this lesson, you'll learn the proper way to stop and start your bicycle.

Lesson Resource

Quick video refresher

Lesson 5: Hand Signals and Riding with Others

In our final lesson, we'll share how to properly signal your stops and turns, and then talk about riding with others and/or your family in a group.

Lesson Resources

Try this at home!

  • Quiz each other on the hand signals: which one is "left turn"? "Right turn"? "Stop"?
  • Go for a ride! Take a spin around the block, at a park, or in a vacant parking lot together.

Quick video refresher


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