BikeWalkKC Youth Education Resources

While schools are closed and kids are learning at home, let us help keep your kids learning AND moving! Join us for our online programs, and then return here for post-session resources. We'll include activities you and your kids can do together and at home.

Our online series will be offered in partnership with area schools, and each one will include the following sessions:

    1. Pedestrian safety
    2. Helmet Fitting & ABC Quick Check
    3. Rules of the Road & Power Pedal
    4. Safe Starting/Stopping Skills
    5. Hand Signals & Family Rides

This page is under construction and will be updated frequently. Check back for new content soon!

Lesson 1: Pedestrian Safety Training

In this session, we'll teach you and your kids ways to navigate your neighborhood safely on foot.

Lesson Resources:

Kids Walk KC Activities

Take a walk! See what you discover.

Lesson 2: Helmet Fitting and ABC Quick Check

In this session, you'll learn how to "check yourself before you wreck yourself" with Helmet Fitting & ABC Quick Check.

Lesson Resources

Quick video refreshers

Lesson 3: Rules of the Road and Power Pedal

In this session, we'll explain the rules of the road and teach you the Power Pedal skill.

Lesson Resources

Try this at home!

  • Have your parents help you practice Power Pedal in your driveway or at the park
  • Create a quiz to test yourself and others on the primary rules of the road


Lesson 4: Starting and Stopping Skills

In this lesson, you'll learn the proper way to stop and start your bicycle.

Lesson Resource

Quick video refresher

Lesson 5: Hand Signals and Riding with Others

In our final lesson, we'll share how to properly signal your stops and turns, and then talk about riding with others and/or your family in a group.

Lesson Resources

Try this at home!

  • Quiz each other on the hand signals: which one is "left turn"? "Right turn"? "Stop"?
  • Go for a ride! Take a spin around the block, at a park, or in a vacant parking lot together.

Quick video refresher


BikeWalkKC's youth education programming is made possible through support from federal transportation grants, local foundations, our school and after-school partners, and our members. Similar to many non-profits and small businesses, BikeWalkKC’s financial sustainability has been threatened by the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are able to, please consider making a donation or purchasing a membership for yourself, your household, or your organization. Any amount helps, and we appreciate your support at this difficult time.