An update on the KCMO bike plan

Update December 2019
Things are still on hold at City Hall.  BikeWalkKC has met with several the new City Councilmembers and leadership in the City Planning and Public Works Departments. We except city staff bring the bike plan back to the Council in the new year, and will keep you posted.

What you can do today

Thank you to all who sent emails to elected officials and/or provided testimony at City Hall hearings. More than 700 people signed the petition and/or sent an email, one of our biggest shows of support ever!

There are several things you can do right now to keep up the pressure on City Hall:

  1. Sign our petition so we can count you as a supporter and keep you updated. 
  2. Tell us your story. Help us personalize this issue by gathering the stories of KCMO residents who face challenges getting around town safely, have been involved in a crash, or who have lost loved ones to dangerous streets.
  3. Make sure this reaches all parts of KC. If you have friends, family, or colleagues in the Northland, East Side, or Southeast KC, please share with them and encourage them to sign the petition. 

Stay tuned for contact info for the new Mayor and City Council. We’ll have an opportunity for you to contact them directly in the coming weeks.

What BikeWalkKC is doing this summer

Over the last several months we’ve met face-to-face with dozens of stakeholders, especially in the neighborhoods where there are concerns about the public input process or questions about trade-offs between investments in safe streets and other important city priorities. We are also talking to the incoming City Councilmembers to educate them about how walking and biking boost the city’s mobility, equity, health, economy, and sustainability.

We are also encouraging the folks at City Hall to:

  1. Conduct direct engagement with the neighborhoods that have expressed specific concerns about the plan.
  2. Re-do the cost estimates that we believe are inaccurate, in some cases unnecessarily inflated, and out of line with what other similar cities are spending on bike lanes.
  3. Move forward to quickly implement projects that were already funded and approved before the bike plan draft was completed.

Help Us Advocate at City Hall

Your emails, phone calls, and public testimony help the BikeWalkKC policy team in their work fighting for you at City Halls across the KC region. But advocacy is one of the hardest things for us to fund. We need the charitable support of our members and donors like you.

Please become a member or make a donation to support our work today.

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