Happy Thanksgiving from BikeWalkKC

As we get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, all of us at BikeWalkKC want to take a moment to thank you for helping make it better to walk and bike around the Kansas City metro area.

BikeWalkKC is working for you to create safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists, provide bicycle safety education to area youth, grow the bike sharing system, and make Kansas City a safer and more vibrant place to live, work, visit, and play.

We are thankful for all that Kansas City has to offer and for the great strides we made in biking and walking in the past year. We could not have done any of it without your help and support.

So, what are the staff thankful for? We gathered a few of their responses:

29211982200_12739046c8_c-1Eric Rogers, executive director, “I am thankful for all of awesome volunteers who work hard to help us achieve our mission!”

Eric Bunch, director of policy and education, “I am thankful to be surrounded by such a great BWKC team that never fails to create and execute ideas. I know they are ready to pick up my slack when I need to take time away from the office to be with my expanding family.”

14225525_1284874761532228_1150614833870628049_n-1Eric Vaughan, bike share program manager, “I’m thankful for working with a great team of passionate people, who always put community first.”

Thomas Morefield, community planning manager, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to make my passion my work at BikeWalkKC. Our mission-driven focus means that each day I go to work, I can devote my efforts to making the Kansas City Region a better place to live, and that feels good.”


20161107_093743Laura Steele, education and outreach coordinator, “I’m thankful for the wonderful family I have in the staff at BWKC who have been  just as, if not more, excited for the arrival of our latest advocate and cyclista!”

John McClaflin, finance manager, “I am thankful for being blessed with a healthy family which cares for one another, good friends, and the inspiring and devoted people I work with at BikeWalkKC.”


Maggie Priesmeyer, education programs manager, “I’m incredibly thankful for the passionate, hard working, and talented staff and coworkers that devote their time and effort to making Kansas City a better place to live. They inspire me every day!”

Karl Kraemer, education operations coordinator, “I am thankful for the P.E. teachers of the KC area and their willingness and eagerness to get our Bicycle Education programs into their classrooms.”

Karen Campbell, director of development/communications, “I’m thankful to work with such smart, creative, and dedicated people – the staff, board, volunteers, and advocates who work tirelessly to advance our mission.”



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