Complete Streets are Coming to the Northeast

Last December, BikeWalkKC and our Complete KC partners made the final push for the Complete Streets ordinance. After a long day at City Hall, Ordinance no. 170949 passed unanimously, making it clear that our elected officials were serious about creating a transportation network that supports all modes of transportation.

But we knew that the work to bring a Complete Streets ordinance to Kansas City, Missouri was only the beginning.

Over the past few months, BikeWalkKC has been meeting with our partners and leaders in the community to identify the next steps in this important effort. While there was a clear connection between advocacy and Complete Streets, less attention has been given to how lessons learned from the Complete Streets policy campaign can inform similar initiatives around other issues.

One of the areas where this has been most apparent is in the historic Northeast KCMO. While our advocacy efforts have been dedicated to issues such as expanding access and use of different modes of transportation, as well as creating safe routes to school, we have to understand how those efforts can inform other attempts to improve the built environment. Advocacy around Complete Streets can inform how to advocate for clearing the brush covering a path or sidewalk, where the Land Bank can focus its resources for housing demolition or rehabilitation, and a host of other issues. Yet people won’t be able to do this as easily unless they have a foundation that begins with a better built environment that encourages a culture of active living.

With that in mind, BikeWalkKC is excited to announce our first Complete Streets Advocacy Workshop Series!

Sessions will include:
– Introduction to Active Transportation
– Identifying the Problem
– Built Environment Design
– Built Environment Toolbox
– Identifying Campaign Targets
– Your Campaign’s Message
– Tactical Training

This workshop series is an excellent fit for nonprofit advocates, community and neighborhood leaders, small business owners, and individuals in the Northeast who want to see a change in the built environment.

To learn more or to register for the workshop, click here.

Space is limited, so register today!

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