Prairie Village Should Keep Mission Road Diet On The Table

The Prairie Village Post reported earlier this morning that the road diet proposed for the section of Mission Road between 71st and 75th Street has been removed from the Governing Body’s list of priorities for the 2016 construction schedule. The vote removing the project from the priority list was 7-5, with members of the Governing Body saying that more discussion and input from the public was needed before moving forward with the project.

Public input is the cornerstone of our society. However, as the Prairie Village Post pointed out in its previous reporting, the Mission Road project – which would take the four lane thoroughfare down to three lanes (one travel lane for each direction plus a center turn lane) and improve sidewalk conditions – was brought to the attention of the Prairie Village Governing Body by a group of concerned citizens. Mission Road between 71st and 75th passess by or very near two schools and many single family homes. Pedestrians (many of which are children), cyclists and motorists all use this stretch of road. Unfortunately, as it is currently laid out the only user that feels much comfort or safety along that portion of Mission Road are those traveling by automobile. It is in the public’s best interest to make communities more livable and safe for all residents and visitors – and a road diet along Mission Road would do just that. Click here to learn more about road diets.

The Governing Body will discuss this issue again in two weeks. May I suggest a walking meeting along Mission Road? Take a stroll from City Hall and go south from 75th to 71st. I would argue that the discussion would be short as little debate would remain as to whether a reconfiguration of the street would be beneficial for the city of Prairie Village.

Click here to see the Prairie Village Post article


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