Middle of the Map Music Fest – Getting Around

Are you going to Middle of the Map Music Fest this weekend? If so, have you considered how you will be getting around? If you are still on the fence about your mode of transportation to, from and around the event, fear not! Below is BikeWalkKC’s official transportation guide.

Here we recommend your transportation mode based on where you live:


Getting to Westport: Walk
Getting around Westport: B-cycle
Getting home: Walk or Taxi

Westport is within walking distance of pretty much every Midtown-Plaza neighborhood. Explore your city from the sidewalk and stroll on over! It’s absolutely gorgeous out there right now. But once the shows start, you’ll need a quicker way to get between venues, so we recommend catching B-cycle at the station near your first show.

B-cycle will be open 24 hours for the weekend of MOTM!

Greater Downtown

Getting to Westport: Tossup between Main Max or B-cycle
Getting around Westport: B-cycle
Getting home: B-cycle, Taxi, or Main Max

The Main max runs pretty frequently even on the weekends. It will get you as close as 39th and Main just a block from the B-cycle station at Westport and Main. Alternatively you can just pick up a B-cycle bike from any of the 12 stations in downtown but you’ll have a bit of a hill to climb. Once you are in Westport, use B-cycle to get around.

Remember, the last Max bus to downtown leaves 39th and Main at 12:45 AM. If you plan to stay out later than that, catch a cab or check out a B-cycle. The ride back to downtown is mostly downhill! But, please, NEVER ride a bike while under the influence of alcohol.


Getting to Westport: Main Max
Getting around Westport: B-cycle
Getting Home: Main Max or Taxi

As mentioned in the Downtown section, the Main Max is pretty reliable on the weekends so we recommend it as the mode of choice to get there. Get off the bus at 43rd and Main. Pick up B-cycle at Westport and Main and head into the shows.

Remember, the last Max bus to Brookside-Waldo leaves 43rd and Main at 12:30 AM. If you plan to stay out later than that, catch a cab.

Johnson County, KCK, Northland, Eastern Jackson County

Getting to Westport: Ride Your Own Bike or Drive
Getting around Westport: B-cycle
Getting Home: Bike Home, Taxi, or Designate a Driver

Ride your own bike, especially if you live in NE JOCO, downtown KCK, or just north of the river. However, driving is totally acceptable with us as long as you designate a driver and drive safely! Park in the Sunfresh parking lot and check out a B-cycle to get to your first show.

If you ride home, make sure your lights have fresh batteries and NEVER bike under the influence. Same goes for driving. Designate a driver or hail a cab home if you’ve been drinking.

General Notes

Ride your Bike – One of the more popular ways to get to Westport is the personal bike. Bike racks are most plentiful along Broadway between 40th and 42nd. Racks scarce east of Broadway and west of Pennsylvania. So plan accordingly. It may be best to lock up at the rack outside the Riot Room with a u-lock and leave it there.

Bus – The Main Max will get you to Westport and Main on a pretty frequent schedule. The 47, 35, and the 155 can get you right into Westport but the schedules are pretty limited on the weekends. The 51 can drop you off right at the Record Bar and is also limited on the weekends. Check out KCATA’s website for more information about routes. Also, use Google Maps to plan your bus route.

B-cycle – If you live within a few blocks of a B-cycle bike share station check out a bike and ride into the heart of Westport. Here is a list of all of the stations in Westport and the venues they serve with walking distance in parentheses. Check out our website for an active map and download the B-cycle Now smartphone app for live info on the go.

  • Westport & Main
      • Mills Records (3 minutes)
      • Max Bus Stops (3 minutes)
  • 40th & Broadway
      • Riot Room (both stages) (1 minute)
      • Parking at 40th and Pennsylvania
  • Westport & Mill
      • Westport Saloon (3 minutes)
      • Ernie Biggs (2 minutes)
      • Outdoor Stage (2 minutes)
  • Sunfresh Station
      • Parking at Sunfresh
      • Groceries
  • Record Bar Temporary Station
    • Record Bar (1 minute)
    • Parking at Westport Crossing

Driving – There are large surface parking lots at Sunfresh and Record Bar. There is a garage near Sunfresh as well. If you drive, walk to the nearest B-cycle station and get a 24 hour membership!


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