Advocacy Alert: Update on Safe Streets KC, the ordinance that protects our rights to use the streets safely

The “good” news first:  The City Council is committed to making Kansas City a safer city and supporting the ordinance intended to protect vulnerable road users. The council debated for almost one hour in the business session and another hour at the City Council meeting on Thursday. We are excited and welcome the debate, and everyone seems to agree that we want a safer, more walkable, more bikeable KC.

The “not so good” news: The Council is sending the ordinance back to the Public Safety & Emergency Services Committee for further discussion and language changes and then on to City Council on October 2nd. Once Council passes this ordinance it will go into effect immediately.

Our take:  The council is balancing our First Amendment rights and protections they know we deserve.  This is part of the legislative process and democracy in action. Part of being a citizen is realizing that you will never get exactly what you want. Both parties have to work together to come to a natural compromise that works for everyone and especially one that works for KC. Click here to see the complete Council meeting and watch the debate (Ordinance 140777) and the testimonies of the courageous citizens who testified on why we need Safe Streets KC.

BikeWalkKC is dedicated to infrastructure, education, and policy change to make Kansas City a safe and accessible city. We have heard your stories, read your testimony on street harassment and compiled it – and it speaks volumes about what we must do to keep Kansas City safe – we must pass SafeStreetsKC!

Things you can do now:

  1. Fill out our form to e-mail Mayor James and City Council Members.

  2. Share the Safe Streets KC’s report.

  3.  Tweet about the anti-harassment ordinance. Include @BikeWalkKC and use hashtag #safestreetskc

  4. Sign our Safe Streets KC petition if you haven’t already.

  5. Put Thursday, October 2nd on your calendar to attend the City Council meeting at 3:00

Thanks so much for your support and keep moving forward,


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