Bike to Work Resources for Employers

We believe that biking and walking are simple solutions to complex problems of health, transportation, sustainability, and economy. They are also simple solutions for many complex business problems!
Bike to Work Week

Why promote bicycle commuting?

  • Productivity: Exercising before work raises an employee’s productivity by an average of 15%.
  • Health Care Costs: Cyclists on average live two years longer than non-cyclists and take 15% fewer days off work through illness.
  • Recruitment and Retention: In a survey of visitors to Portland, OR, 78% said that the city’s bike-friendliness was a factor in their decision to visit there.

BikeWalkKC Resources

We offer several resources and programs for your businesses and your employees:

  • Lunch-and-Learn: Quick overview of bike to work basics for your employees – gear, clothes, route planning, safety, Q&A.
  • Confident City Cycling: In-depth training in traffic skills, bike handling, and safety.
  • Bike Friendly Business: We can help you apply for this popular national designation.
  • Bike Parking: We partner with the Dero company to help you choose the right bike parking solutions for your employees.
  • Contact us at to for more information.

Local Kansas City Resources

National Resources

frontpage_businesspartnerSupport regional bike advocacy and education

Kansas City needs forward-thinking business leaders to support biking and walking as simple solutions to complex problems like health, transportation, sustainability and economy.

Tips and Tricks for Encouraging Biking to Work

    1. Prepare Your Workplace. Showers, secure bike parking and a casual atmosphere (okay to walk around in shorts or bike clothes before/after a ride) go a long way to ensuring that people feel comfortable riding to and from work. Some companie provide repair stands and tools for bike commuters to make quick repairs.
    2. Get Certified. Let BikeWalkKC help you apply for the national Bike Friendly Business designation. Local Bike Friendly Businesses include The Roasterie, 360 Architecture, REI, and Foth IE.
    3. Lead by Example. When CEOs or Vice Presidents arrive by bike, other employees realize it is okay to arrive casual and even a little sweaty.
    4. Offer Pre-Tax Benefits. The Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit (IRS Tax Code Section 132(f)) now includes bicycle commuters, allowing $20.00 per month as a subsidy to pay for the cost of commuting via bicycle. This includes the cost of bicycles, bicycling equipment and accessories, and storage unit costs. Make sure your company offers this benefit in addition to other commute-related tax incentives for employees.
    5. Subsidize the Ride. Some companies go beyond pre-tax financial benefits, defraying the cost of bike gear and maintenance.
    6. Provide Health-Related Benefits. If your company provides gym memberships or other similar benefits, make sure bike commuter receive a similar benefit. Some companies give an extra hour of vacation leave for everyday an employee bikes, walks, or takes transit to work.
    7. Offer Bike-Sharing. Companies like the Polsinelli law firm and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art have provide Kansas City B-cycle stations on-site, giving employees another option for short trips to work or during the work day.
    8. Facilitate Training and Resource Sharing. Offer a bicycle commuter lunchtime workshop to go over safety and commute tips. BikeWalkKC would be happy to discuss hosting a bicycle commuting workshop with you.
    9. Organize Outings. Whether it is informal lunchtime outings, group rides between branches like those at Missouri Bank, or weekend mountain biking excursions, organizing group biking activities can get employees more comfortable on bikes and promote a bike-friendly office culture.
    10. Provide the Emergency Ride Home. Many people avoid biking or other alternative commute methods because they fear they will be stuck in case of an emergency or bike failure. Many companies already encourage employees to sign up for Ride Share KC’s Guaranteed Ride Home. program.
    11. Consider Parking Cash Out. Do you already cover the cost of employee parking? Consider offering a cash equivalent to bike commuters to opt out of your parking garage.
    12. Advocate for More and Safer Cycling. Become a Business Member of BikeWalkKC to support our work to advocate for better safety, more bike lanes and trails, and new bike share stations.
    13. Location, Location, Location. Where you locate your business makes a big difference in how many employees can bike to work. Include criteria like trails, bike lanes, and transit in your site selection process.
    14. Have Fun!