Complete Street Design

Complete streets and bike facilities have been around for a long time with various labels, but today bike facility design in the United States is undergoing a rapid and dramatic evolution. As demand for bike infrastructure grows, more and more projects are emerging around the country. Each new project teaches us something new about the best practice of bike facility design – how to make streets safe and comfortable for all users, how to ensure they are located to effectively capture latent demand, how to thoughtfully connect facilities in an interconnected network, and how to integrate improvements seamlessly with all modes and uses on a street. With this heightened recent attention, all of these new users and new knowledge are spurring a design renaissance. The best-practice bike facility from five or ten years ago looks very different from the best facilities being designed today. And design practice is still moving very quickly.

The BikeWalkKC team works at the forefront of this evolving practice, engaging on multiple levels.  We are users of these facilities, gaining first-hand experiential understanding of how they work well, and how they could be improved. We engage and cultivate a network of thought leaders and community implementers from across the country, and benefit from all the lessons we share together.  We couple national best practice knowledge with a rich local understanding and local relationships that tailor outcomes to the Kansas City region. Finally, we bring creative and innovative design contributions from our own team members to this changing national landscape.