Bike Share Planning

Bike share in the Kansas City region is thriving and growing. In 2017, the regional bike share system expanded to more than forty stations and saw record ridership. New locations included areas north of the Missouri River and southern Jackson County, where the viability of recreation-focused bike share was demonstrated at Longview Lake. In 2019, communities in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties are poised to implement bike share as well. As new technologies and funding opportunities converge, it is a great time to explore bike share and the benefits it can provide.

BikeWalkKC’s experience operating the regional bike share system provides it with a unique hands-on understanding of bike share system planning and management.  BikeWalkKC works with local communities to identify how bike share can benefit them, identify the local demand for bike share, evaluate preferred system options and technologies, determine locations with the most potential for bike share use, and most importantly develop feasible and sustainable business models for successful launch, operations, and future growth.