Decisions made in Topeka often impact the livability of local communities here in the Kansas City region. BikeWalkKC works on several statewide issues that are important to our local residents. We partner with other local groups like Bike Walk Wichita, Topeka Community Cycle Project, Lawrence Bicycle Club, and Kaw Valley Bicyclists.

Current Active Transportation Issues in Kansas

Legislative Priorities

  • Transportation Funding: Ensure the next five-year KDOT plan includes support for walking, biking, transit, and passenger rail.
  • Vulnerable Road Users: increase the penalties for motorists who injure or kill people walking or people, and ensure they don’t get off with a slap on the wrist

Executive Branch Priorities

  • Develop state-wide bicycle and pedestrian plans
  • Make bicycle tourism a priority for Kansas
  • Coordinate active transportation policy among executive branch departments like the Department of Health and Environment, the Department of Commerce, and the State Department of Education.

Local Capacity Building
Today, BikeWalkKC is the only active transportation group in Kansas with paid professional staff working advocacy, public policy, and education. The other local groups are doing amazing work as all-volunteer organizations, but driving change in Topeka across the state will require more capacity at the local level. BikeWalkKC encourages the philanthropic community and foundation funders to prioritize investing in the capacity of local advocacy groups.