Bicycle Dialogues Transcripts: Angie Laurie and Hazel Kay

Hazel: Hi, my name is Hazel, and I’m 7!

Angie: Hi, my name is Angie Laurie, and I’m Hazel’s mom.

Suzanne: So, I wanna know about how often do you ride? And where do you like to go?

Hazel: Well, we like to go to the park, and basically we like to ride down to CVS. We like to ride along the trails up to Jimmy Johns, and some other place that I cannot remember. [to Angie] Your turn!

Angie: I go wherever Hazel goes.

Hazel: I don’t like to go up the hills, I like to go down the hills.

Suzanne: Why do you like to go down the hills?

Hazel: Because it makes you get more power, and then you can just keep pedaling.

Suzanne: Yes, so you like to go fast. [to Angie] And what about you? What does it feel like when you ride a bicycle?

Angie: It’s just really fun and breezy. It’s fun to see everything around us.

Hazel: It’s fun to get fresh air.

Suzanne: It sounds like bicycling is a big part of what you guys do as a family.

Hazel: My dad LOVES it. He would love to come, but he’s taking my brother to a soccer game. And if Mom’s like “Let’s just go to the park, come on.” He would be like “Let’s just ride our bikes.”

Suzanne: And then what happens? Do you end up riding?

Hazel: Sometimes she changes her mind and I sometimes we don’t.

Angie: [Laughing] If Hazel doesn’t wish to pedal, then she can ride…

Hazel: On the cargo!
Angie: …which helps us go a little farther some evenings.

Suzanne: That sounds good. So some evenings you’re deciding whether to bike or drive, and biking wins and you maybe get to ride on the cargo [bike].

Hazel: Or ride my own bike.

Suzanne: Well that’s great! Is there anything else? What’s on your mind?

Hazel: I basically have entered this bike race. Even though everyone gets a medal. So what it is, is first you bike, then when you get to this lake thing, you run, then instead of swimming, you go down a water slide!

Angie: The City of Lenexa hosted the Tot’s Triathlon, and so she and her brother got to participate, and got a medal. It looked like great fun, even for the adults. 

Suzanne: Very cool! That sounds really fun! I’m excited to meet such an active young lady. It’s great!