Guidelines for group rides in Prairie Village and Mission Hills

The former Johnson County Bike Club worked with the Prairie Village Police Department develop the following guidelines for group rides. These guidelines are designed to balance the police department’s efforts to enforce traffic laws for all types of traffic with the practicalities of large group rides. They also apply in Mission Hills, which is policed by Prairie Village.

Stop Signs

  • Make complete stops.
  • Up to 10 riders (one car length) can proceed as one group after stopping together.
  • Each group takes its own turn.
  • Don’t swarm or creep past stopped cars, either side (same for stop lights)

Stop Lights

  • Individual riders can enter the intersection on yellow, but not on red.
  • Trailing riders in a group may be ticketed if they enter on red.
  • It’s okay to consolidate at a red light in order to clear the intersection faster.

Riding Single and Double File

  • Never more than double file except when passing.
  • Merge to single file on two-lane streets when cars are back.
  • Ride single file on busy two-lane streets.
  • Ride as far right as practicable, whether in single or double file.


  • Complete the pass promptly.
  • Do not impede trailing cars.
  • Pass all the way to the next break in the group.

Former JCBC leaders Maggie Hacker and Ken Cobb worked with Prairie Village Police to draft these guidelines in 2009. They were re-affirmed in 2010 and remain in place going forward.

Please help spread the word to all ride leders, groups, and cyclists who ride through Prairie Village and Mission Hills.