Action Alert: Save federal funding for walking and bicycling

Indian Creek Trail
The Indian Creek Trail near State Line Road

Federal funding is the primary source of resources for local projects like the Heart of America Bridge and Indian Creek Trail, especially in local cities that have dedicated local funding sources for walking and bicycling. 

Current proposals in Congress would eliminate many bike/ped programs or make them optional – meaning MoDOT and KDOT could shift the remaining funds to building more roads for cars. Your help is needed to ensure the protection of these merit-based, competitive funding programs.

Take Action Today, contact your Members of Congress.

Over the last 15 years more than 100 projects have been made possible by federal transportation funds. 

  • Annual Greater Kansas City Bike Week
  • BikeWalkKC’s ongoing public bike education classes
  • Heart of America Bridge bike/ped path over the Missouri River.
  • Riverfront Heritage Trail.
  • Indian Creek Trail.
  • North Antioch sidewalks.
  • Mill Creek Streamway Trail.
  • Little Blue Trace Trail.
  • Bike lanes planned for Armour and Benton Boulevards in Midtown KC.
  • Bus stop and crosswalk improvements all over the metro area.
  • Sidewalks in Raytown

All of these projects are partnerships between local, state, and federal agencies. $20 million in local dollars have been leveraged with over $40 million in federal funds.

Investing in bicycling and walking is great for the economy.
Hard data shows that investments in bicycling and walking projects have a higher return on investment and generate more jobs per dollar than road and highway projects. In these challenging economic times, now is precisely the wrong time to cut these investments in projects that put Missourians to work and help local residents to school and work safely.
Learn more about federal funding issues at America Bikes, the national coalition of bike/ped advocates.