Armour Boulevard Traffic and Parking Study

The City of KCMO is kicking off a study of parking and traffic on Armour Boulevard in Midtown. Armour is the site of KCMO's first sharrows, and is a good east/west bike route. It could be even better with a road diet to allow for real bike lanes and angle parking – reducing travel speeds, encouraging bicycling, and increasing the supply of on-street parking spaces in this rapidly redeveloping neighborhood.



Four car lanes with sharrows, parallel parking.


Road Diet

Two car lanes, dedicated bike lanes, angle parking on one side.


Green Lane Cycletrack

Two-way bike lane fully separated from automobile traffic, two car lanes, angle parking on one side.

Images from Streetmix. Proposed configurations fit within existing pavement width and require no changes to the existing curb locations.

About the study
The traffic and parking study is funded by the City Councilmembers Jan Marcason and Jim Glover in response to concerns of residents in the Hyde Park neighborhood. MAC Properties is renovating many of the historic apartment buildings along Armour Boulevard and converting them from Section 8 to market rate. This has led to an increase households with cars in these historic buildings that have limited off-street parking.

This study should last for 3 or 4 months and will include future public meetings for everyone to learn more and have their say.

Bike facilities on Armour
In late 2010 the Parks Department tested KCMO's first sharrows on Armour Boulevard. These shared lane markings are used indicate designated bike routes when there is not enough space, support, or demand for dedicated bike lanes. The sharrows were well received and are now used in several places around the city.

If a road diet is implemented on Armour BikeWalkKC believes it woudl be a great opportunity to upgrade the sharrows to a dedicated bike facility. By repurposing some of the space the road could accommodate full bike lanes or even a cycletrack that uses a barrier to separate bikes from automobiles.