KC bike/ped projects for the Missouri transportation sales tax

The Mid-America Regional Council recently sent MoDOT a list of local bike/ped projects for the proposed 0.75% statewide transportation sales that will be on the August 5th ballot. Amendment 7 would provide almost $78 million a year in new transportation funds to the Kansas City region. Local officials are proposing that 10% be set aside for bike/ped, and 30% set aside for transit. 




On-street bikeways

General placeholder for on-street facilities like bike lanes

$38.5 million

Rock Island acquisition

Purchase of the Rock Island rail line from Pleasant Hill to the Truman Sports Complex

$27.10 million*

Rock Island Trail

Construction of the trail

$8.7 million

Vivion Road

New bikeway Old Pike Road to US 169 Hwy

$2 million

Route 9 Trail

New trail from I-635 to Parkville

$1.3 million

Total bike/ped funding over ten years:

$77.6 million

*The transit project includes another $25 million for the Rock Island acquisition.

A more detailed list of projects included in the On-Street Bikeways item is a mixed bag for the region. It includes several great trail and bike lane projects, and but is focused almost exclusively in the suburbs. The only urban project on the list is the addition of bike lanes on 35th Street through the East Side. The urban core would only receive about $1 million of the total $77.6 million allocated for bike/ped.

There are also several big items completely missing from the project list:

  • Sidewalks and ADA improvements
  • Education programs
  • Safety campaigns and motorist awareness
  • Safe Routes to school educational programs and infrastructure improvements
  • Bike share expansion and operations
  • Pedestrian access fund for small projects to address localized gaps and barriers
  • ADA improvements to existing facilities
  • High quality bikeway between Downtown and the Country Club Plaza, linking Downton and Midtown to the Trolley Track Trail, Brush Creek Trail, and eventualy the Katy Trail.

Full list of Kansas City metro projects submitted to MoDOT by the Mid-America Regional Council