Our ten year vision:

  • Katy Trail connected to Flint Hills Nature Trail through Kansas City
  • Metro Green funding mechanism in place
  • 75% of metro residents within a Bike/Walk Friendly Community
  • 75% of metro residents within a community with a complete streets policy
  • Bicycling and walking exceeds national average
  • Biking and walking to school exceeds national average
  • 1000 miles of new sidewalks constructed in region
  • 500 miles of new bike lanes constructed in region
  • All local governments have and enforce strict sidewalk snow removal ordinances

The Need. As one of the largest metro areas without a dedicated regional voice for advocacy and education, Kansas City has long had walking and bicycling rates less than half the national average. Plus, we have been at the forefront of public health crises like obesity and diabetes.

1. Advocacy for bike/ped facilities and policies.

  • Encourage cities and counties to fund and build trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks.
  • Lead policy changes such as Complete Streets and development code reform.
  • Encourage development of the MetroGreen system via regional funding options and/or a land trust type of organization.

2. Education and outreach

  • Make healthy, active living part of our local culture and mindset.
  • Provide comprehensive bicycle education classes throughout the metro area.
  • Partner with cities and schools to implement Safe Routes to School programs, especially in under-served communities.
  • Lead marketing and outreach efforts to motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians – including Bike Week, Car Free Challenge, Walk to School Day, etc.

3. Research and analysis

  • Review regional planning and programming in the areas of transportation, urban planning, and public health.
  • Monitor transportation projects for appropriate bike/ped inclusion.
  • Identify needed improvements in project planning, funding priorities, and project implementation. -Document bike/ped activity over time to show mode shifts and emissions reductions.
  • Explore the connections between local bike/ped policies/infrastructure and public health issues like diabetes and obesity.


1. Connect Kansas City to state-wide trail systems. Kansas City is the natural meeting point for the famous Katy Trail State Park and Kansas’ growing Flint Hills Nature Trail.  We will work with local, state, and national leaders to fund and build the trail while preserving space for a future transit system.

2. Bicycle Friendly Communities. We will help local cities achieve this coveted national designation for at least 5 metro communities covering at least half of the metro population.

3. Regional Funding Cooperation. We will work with towards a coordinated funding system for trails and bike routes, either through a regional funding mechanism or better aligning existing revenue sources with policy and system goals.