Work With Us

BikeWalkKC is a unique, mission-driven nonprofit organization that provides fee-for-service community planning, education, and policy services.

What you get when you work with us

BikeWalkKC is not your average nonprofit organization. In addition to traditional fundraising efforts, we incorporate a social enterprise approach to increase our self sufficiency. We offer fee-based services and generate earned income from projects that align with our mission and purpose. This funding model makes us more resilient to the ebb and flow of grant funders and community donors..

When you work with BikeWalkKC, you get: 

  • Best practice, technical design guidance for multimodal transportation projects
  • Innovative policy guidance to support better multimodal infrastructure
  • The best pop-up demonstrations around to bring projects to life
  • Engaging community events that make providing public input fun, interactive, and educational
  • Context-sensitive recommendations

Above all, BikeWalkKC has a reputation as a trustworthy community partner that has the long game in mind. When we consult on projects, it’s likely we’ve previously worked with the community members, neighborhood, or municipality in some form, through educational programming at schools, participating in neighborhood meetings, or advocating on behalf of better policy at City Hall.

Our team members do not just “talk the talk”. We walk, wheel, and ride transit to work, the grocery store, and to bring our kids to school. We know first hand the joy of getting around car free, but we also know the struggles. When you work with BikeWalkKC, you get our authentic selves, our genuine perspectives, and our unique knowledge of mobility in the Kansas City region.


How our work is funded

We rely on diverse funding streams that increase our resiliency and community impact. We are a member-supported non profit that applies for grants of all sizes, seeks donations and large foundation support, and provides services for a fee. The latter is always scaleable and provides us tremendous flexibility to help the communities who need it most, in a way that works with their financial constraints.

Who we work with

Government Agencies. We work for and partner with government agencies at all levels. We’ve completed work for many local municipalities and fulfill grant obligations at the state and federal levels.

Nonprofit Partners. As a nonprofit, we can do more when we partner with other nonprofit organizations to compete for work and funding opportunities.  include Missourians for Responsible Transportation (MRT), Trailnet, LocalMotion, and others.

Neighborhood Groups. We maintain a traffic calming lending library, an interactive community engagement exhibit, and provide tailored activities for our neighborhood partners, including neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, community development corporations, community improvement districts, and others.

Schools and Schools Districts. We regularly engage with schools to provide an array of education programs that teach bicycle maintenance, safe riding skills, and the joys of walking and biking. We work with school districts on ways to increase the number of students and staff who walk, wheel, or ride the bus.

Health Institutions. There is a strong intersection between health and access to transportation. We work with health departments and hospitals to evaluate how to make their communities safer to walk and bike in to improve health outcomes.

YOU! If you have a project you think is important, but aren’t sure about the options available to support it,  reach out to us. We can explore the idea together and determine the best next steps.

Tresa Carter
Director of Community Planning

Thomas Morefield
Community Planning Strategist