Services Offered

BikeWalkKC provides a wide range of community planning, technical assistance, education, public policy, community engagement programs, and other services. We partner with municipalities, counties, school districts, and other agencies across the Kansas City metro area.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans. For many, driving a car is not an option. For others, they simply want more transportation choices. Everyone needs to get around town, and everyone deserves to be safe when they do so. BikeWalkKC helps communities introduce pragmatic solutions that move neighborhoods closer to transportation equity, where residents are not merely served, but also empowered by a multimodal transportation network.

Complete Streets Policy and Planning Design. Policy is the foundation for change. BikeWalkKC works with communities to tailor its Complete Streets template policy to work for their needs. We also work with communities to design Complete Streets that are right sized for the corridors they are recommended on. Complete Streets consider all users of a roadway and ensure a safe, comfortable, and joyful experience.

Community Engagement and Demonstrations. We’ve made public meetings fun again by providing innovative, interactive, and energizing community events. Through colorful traffic calming demonstrations, festival-style events, and group walks and rides, we bring projects to life. Planning an event of your own? You can borrow our traffic calming library tools here or request to use our Home Street Home traveling exhibit here.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Code Review and Writing. Good transportation policy forms the foundation of a truly multimodal community. We work with communities all over the region to identify solutions to complex transportation challenges by offering custom designed policy and code language, including Complete Streets, Vision Zero, walk/bike friendly environments, land use and development, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Safe Routes to School. BikeWalkKC is a nationally-recognized leader in helping communities get more kids walking and biking to school. We offer services, programs, resources, and consulting for parents, communities, and schools. Safe Routes to School focuses on providing incentives for students to walk or bike to school, and creating a safe environment in which to travel. We evaluate a school’s arrival and dismissal procedures, surrounding infrastructure, and projected enrollment to recommend simple ways to encourage more students to walk, bike, or bus.

Bike Parking/Hub Planning. Bike parking is increasingly important for communities, institutions, and businesses to improve access and serve people with an expanding range of mobility options. Successful bike parking requires thoughtful planning, including location, design, access, and installation. From district-wide bike parking plans to consultations for individual businesses, BikeWalkKC provides a full range of bike parking services.

Research and Data Collection. BikeWalkKC works continuously to develop and refine regional data sources for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. This data is publicly available on the Community Dashboard.