Woodland Plaza Equitable Mobility Strategy

The Woodland Plaza Equitable Mobility Study is a set of strategies that helps the people who visit or live in the diverse area centered on Independence Avenue and Woodland Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri move from place to place more easily. This area of Kansas City has a unique window of opportunity to coordinate and leverage recent and ongoing investments in infrastructure and development on behalf of the growing population and diverse needs in the area. Over thirty languages are spoken in this area. Over a dozen schools, social service providers, and major institutions call this area home, as well as many small businesses.

The Woodland Plaza Equitable Mobility Strategy focuses on drawing together the major organizations and institutions in the project area to understand their program priorities and mobility needs and facilitate informed decision-making on mutually beneficial solutions. This process produced a set of shared strategies that prioritize users facing the greatest barriers and needs. It is a hope of all partners involved that the strategies piloted in the Woodland Plaza area can become a regional model for addressing complex transportation challenges and raise the bar for equitable opportunities for mobility and active living.

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