Truman Road Complete Street

Truman Road holds great promise as a complete street corridor. It traverses a part of the City that demonstrates high latent demand for bicycling, but is poorly served today. Bicycle facilities on Truman Road would tie together and enhance the functionality of several other important bicycle projects as part of an interconnected network. Truman Road provides one of the few concentrations of activity and services in this part of the City. Improved multimodal facilities hold the potential to better connect residents who have access and mobility challenges to greater resources and opportunity on the corridor and beyond.

The combination of an extremely wide right of way and low to moderate traffic volumes make Truman Road an excellent candidate for a road diet and conversion into a complete street. BikeWalkKC assisted Kansas City and other team members with the development of a complete street concept for Truman Road that includes a “road diet” and protected bike lanes. This work included diligent coordination with the City, business groups, transit providers, and other stakeholders. It also included detailed arrival and dismissal observations for school activities near Truman Road and Van Brunt Boulevard.

Click here to view the Truman Road Complete Street plan.