Spring Hill Sidewalk Strategy

The Spring Hill Sidewalk Strategy presents a plan for a more complete sidewalk network in Spring Hill. This strategy begins with an analysis of the existing sidewalk network, including widths, conditions, and coverage of existing sidewalks. Future land use plans, codes and policies, and technical specifications for public improvements are analyzed to understand their impacts on walkability in Spring Hill. A Priority Network of pedestrian improvements is proposed that focuses on safe, comfortable, continuous infrastructure connecting important destinations. Design options for these priority connections are explored, including alternative approaches to pedestrian connectivity that can help to address some of the cost and logistical challenges to traditional sidewalk construction. The Sidewalk Strategy identifies a variety of regional, state, and federal programs that can support Spring Hill’s efforts to improve pedestrian infrastructure. The Sidewalk Strategy also looks at best practices for project delivery that can support the implementation of projects through coordination with regular street maintenance and other planned street projects.