Roeland Park Bicycle + Pedestrian Infrastructure Strategy

In partnership with the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment and the City of Roeland Park, BikeWalkKC undertook a review of Roeland Park’s Sidewalk Improvement Plan and made recommendations on project priorities to create a network of safe and comfortable pedestrian and bicycle connections throughout the City. The priority projects identified in this strategy focus on creating a network of sidewalks and bicycle facilities that are safe, comfortable, continuous, and that connect important destinations. The priorities identified in this report also outline a path to achieve Roeland Park’s goals for walkability and connectivity, expressed in the City’s 2012 Comprehensive Plan, and 2016 committee report on bicycle and pedestrian safety. Recommendations are organized into prioritized project segments. Existing and potential funding sources are identified. Finally, a “Quick Build Guide” describes a number of inexpensive and interim treatments for improving conditions on an accelerated timeline.

Click here to read the Roeland Park Pedestrian & Bicycle Infrastructure Strategy document.