Olathe Bike Share Implementation Strategy

BikeWalkKC assisted the City of Olathe with a bike share feasibility analysis that analyzed the potential for bike share operations in Olathe, the connections to the regional bike share system, and opportunities for project implementation. The analysis and recommendations in this plan explore what a bike share system in Olathe could look like, where it would go, how it would work, and how it could operate sustainably over time. Specifically, the goals of this plan include:

  • Identifying how bike share can benefit Olathe.
  • Identifying the local demand for bike share in Olathe.
  • Identifying the preferred system options and technologies for Olathe.
  • Identifying locations in Olathe with the most potential for bike share use.
  • Developing a feasible and sustainable business model.

The strategy included a variety of technical and qualitative inputs: peer system analysis, latent demand analysis, connectivity analysis, mobility and transportation equity analysis, and community engagement process.

Click here to view the Olathe Bike Share Implementation Strategy document.