Northeast Area Master Plan

The well-being of Northeast residents depends on their capacity to meet basic community needs – good homes in strong neighborhoods, resources to live healthy lives, the ability to feel safe and be safe in streets, parks, and public spaces, and access to jobs and services that can expand opportunity for everyone. One component that ties many of these needs together is mobility. The potential for people of all ages, incomes, and abilities to connect to the jobs, services, and amenities they need, and to be safe and comfortable as they do so, is essential for future success. BikeWalkKC’s work for the Northeast Area Master Plan focused on how community needs could be addressed in the Northeast area by creating more equitable mobility options, using infrastructure as a catalyst for investment, and supporting more responsive policies and projects. Major recommendations included an interconnected Safe Routes to School network, transformation of the Jersey Creek greenway, better connecting residents to jobs through multimodal transportation options, and a variety of specific corridor and intersection improvements.