CompleteKC Design Guidance & Visualization

In 2014 BikeWalkKC developed a campaign to build awareness of the community benefits of complete streets. As part of a multi-faceted outreach campaign, posters were fastened to posts at eight major intersections along a two-mile stretch of Broadway Blvd. in Kansas City, MO. Each poster included a unique fictional vignette alongside a visual rendering of that particular intersection oriented in such a way that a person on the sidewalk could easily make a side-by-side comparison of the street in its current state with an image of a completely reimagined version. This campaign was coordinated with a BetterBlockKC event to increase visibility and leverage additional community energy. Ultimately CompleteKC expanded and evolved into an online complete street design resource for community advocates and local public agencies based on national best practices and extensive literature review. CompleteKC serves as the basis for much of BikeWalkKC neighborhood advocacy workshops and public agency training.

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