Burlington Complete Street Design

BikeWalkKC is assisting North Kansas City and project engineers with the design and construction of a two-way cycle track on Burlington Street. Today Burlington functions as a highway corridor, but North Kansas City plans to transform Burlington into a thriving, sustainable, complete street and a more inviting front door for the community. A centerpiece of this undertaking is a two-way cycle track that would give people on bikes a dedicated safe place and connect several important destinations. When completed, improvements to Burlington will represent the highest comfort and quality bicycle facilities in the region to date. BikeWalkKC is providing detailed technical assistance for this project, including:


  • Best practice bike facility design
  • Intersection and driveway design
  • Crosswalk design and markings
  • Pavement materials and colors
  • Transitions between bike facilities, sidewalks, and automobile lanes
  • Design of physical barriers
  • Bike signal operations
  • Integration of bicycle facilities with transit boarding areas
  • ADA considerations
  • Coordination of bicycle facilities and stormwater infrastructure
  • Coordinating regional connections