Reimagining 47th Place Complete Streets Plan

What: Complete Street Plan
When: 2021
Team: Yard&Company, BikeWalkKC, Trekk
Client: City of Westwood, KS
Funding: MARC Planning Sustainable Places program, local match

Download the plan document.

BikeWalkKC provides the best demonstration and pop events available in the KC region. With decades of experience in material usage, innovative design, and working with key city staff and stakeholders for the appropriate permits and permissions, our demonstrations bring project ideas to life. 

For the Reimagine 47th Place Complete Streets Plan, BikeWalkKC was intimately involved in the engagement process to learn from community members what was most important to them along 47th Place. In its current condition, 47th Place is a cut through street that’s narrow, windy, and steep. Visibility of people crossing the street is low and the grade of the road makes it challenging for bikers to steer clear of speeding cars. 

BikeWalkKC hosted a street festival in September 2021 to demonstrate how simple, and often inexpensive, changes can make a tremendous difference in the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of all users. With vibrantly painted and frequently spaced crosswalks, protected bike lanes, street vendors, and attractive seating, BikeWalkKC truly helped community members reimagine 47th Place. 

Bikes on 47th Place in Westwood, Kansas.