Bicycle & Pedestrian Observation Services

BikeWalkKC understands the importance of good data to inform decisions about the design and operations of streets. We combine quantitative and qualitative data collection with the latest traffic observation technologies to create a complete picture of existing conditions and counts for all modes and users.

Among the tools our team can employ are Miovision Scout data collection cameras. These cameras, which are simple and flexible to deploy, can collect a wide range of data simultaneously, including automobile traffic counts, bicycle counts, pedestrian counts, truck traffic, bus traffic, direction of travel, lane usage, turn movements, and more. In addition to camera technology, our team has many years of experience with in-person observations and one-on-one intercept surveys. This hands-on approach supplements quantitative measures with qualitative data about user experience, and “fuzzy” data points like near-miss collisions, speeding, crosswalk encroachment, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and other conditions relevant to the safety and comfort of the street.

We have successfully deployed Miovision technology to evaluate the feasibility of potential road diets, to observe driver and pedestrian behavior before and after interim traffic calming demonstrations, and a wide variety of other use cases. If your community has an interest in pedestrian and bicycle observations, BikeWalkKC can help. Contact us at