It’s Time to Put Paint to Pavement

The Star just reiterated its call for 100 miles of new bike lanes in Kansas City, focusing on just 22 miles to paint this summer. We could not agree more!  The entire metro area has made great strides in planning new trails, adopting new policies like Complete Streets and educating the public about the health benefits of bicycling and walking. Now it’s time start implementing all of these great plans and policies.

See more postcards from local folks, and look for blank cards at local bike shops, coffeeshops, etc.

August 4th: Paint to Pavement campaign update.

Please Use the form at the right to send a note to Mayor Sly James and the City Council telling them why painting more crosswalks and bike lanes are important for our city’s health, economy, environment.

There are many reasons why bike lanes and crosswalks are important…

  • encourage bicycling and walking for transportation and/or fitness;
  • provide safe transportation options for all;
  • help define road space;
  • promote a more orderly flow of traffic;
  • bike lanes encourage bicyclists to ride in the correct direction, with the flow of traffic;
  • crosswalks encourage crossing the street at safe locations;
  • bike lanes remind motorists to look for cyclists when turning or opening car doors;
  • remind all roadway users to share the road safely;
  • bike lanes reduce the chance that motorists will stray into cyclists’ path;
  • bike lanes reduce passing motorists swerving toward opposing traffic;

These are just a few of the future Bike KC streets being paved this summer.  Please encourage your mayor, city council person and city staff to put paint to pavement on the ones nearest you:

  • Grand Boulevard through Crown Center
  • 47th Street on the Plaza
  • Armour Boulevard
  • Linwood Boulevard
  • Holmes Road in Midtown
  • NW 72nd Street
  • NW Klamm Drive
  • Wyoming Street (West Plaza)
  • Oak Street through UMKC
  • Hillcrest Roud in South KC

Things the City can do to improve conditions for all road users…

  • Include bike lanes or sharrows on the BikeKC streets being repaved this summer.
  • Paint visible crosswalks where appropriate.
  • Use tempory paint on the Star’s suggested 22 miles of priority bike routes.
  • Create a dedicted funding source for bike lanes, trails, crosswalks, etc.
  • Develop a new bicycle master plan