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BikeWalkKC and Safe Routes Partnership are hosting a "working webinar" for people and organizations interested in hearing more about the guide, asking questions, and participating in breakout groups to talk through how to take action to address these unjust traffic laws.

BikeWalkKC and the Safe Routes Partnership are proud to present Taking on Traffic Laws: A How-To Guide for Decriminalizing Mobility to help advocates repeal and modify traffic laws related to walking and bicycling that fail to meet their intended safety goals and instead lead to racialized enforcement of people walking and bicycling. This guide shares a detailed account of BikeWalkKC’s process to repeal and modify three laws in Kansas City, Missouri, analyzes successful campaign tactics and reflects on opportunities for improvement, and charts a course for advocates to pursue similar legislation in their communities. BikeWalkKC and Safe Routes Partnership want the guide to serve as a tool, a resource, and a road map to help advocate for a safer environment for Black and Brown people walking and bicycling.

The guide covers three key areas:

  • Why the need to repeal laws leading to racialized traffic enforcement?
  • What BikeWalkKC did in Kansas City
  • A Call to Action

Download the guide

Michael Kelley, BikeWalkKC
Marisa Jones, Safe Routes Partnership


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