Nashua/Gashland Area Plan

What: A new master plan for the north-central part of KC North.

Where: KCMO between Gladstone and Smithville, from the Clay/Platte County line east to N. Indiana and N. Woodland Avenues.

When: May through December, 2011.

Why: Will guide future development of the built environment, streets and transportation system, parks and recreation, neighborhoods, businesses, etc. in one of the fastest growing parts of the city and metro area.


What you can do:

1. Attend a public meeting. In addition to the the May 25th meeting, other meetings will be held between now and December 2011 where you can find out more about the plan, ask questions, provide feedback, and make your own suggestions.

2. Make a suggestion online. is an interactive web site where you can make suggestions, participate in discussions with neighbors, and even vote on proposed ideas for your neighborhood.


What to say:
There are few simple yet powerful messages that express the importance of walking and bicycling.

Transportation – Thriving neighborhoods have multiple options so they aren’t limited to the automobile nor held hostage by high gas prices.

Health – KC ranks very high for health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease – in large part because we have few opportunities to safely and conveniently walk, run, or bike for fitness or transportation.

Economics – Today’s companies want healthy, active employees, who in turn increasingly demand access to outdoor amenities like trails and bike lanes. Many of the metro’s most successful cities and neighborhoods are also the most bike-friendly and/or pedestrian-friendly.

Families – Children are healthier and more ready to learn when they have safe and accessible ways to walk and/or bicycle to school, something which has become a rarity in many of the city’s car-dependent neighborhoods.

What to ask for:

Sharrows on Swift in North Kansas CitySidewalks – The building blocks of healthy, livable neighborhoods. Sidewalks allow children to walk school, provide places to get exercise, and connect neighborhoods with transit systems.

Crosswalks – Often the simple act of crossing the street is a lot more dangerous than it should be. These small but overlooked pieces help connect neighborhoods to each other.

Bike Lanes – Providing options to bike to work or errands makes people more independent, reduces congestion on the roads, and improves fitness at the same time. They also connect neighborhoods to the regional trail system. Several bike lanes have been proposed in Nashua and Gashland, but few have been built.

Trails – Multi-use trails have multiple benefits for recreation, transportation, family fun, and just getting some fresh air.  Unfortunately the Trails KC system is not being built fast enough to meet citizen demand.

Transit – More bus routes would better connect the neigborhoods to other parts of the Northland, the City, and the metro area.  Today the Nashua/Gashland area has very limited bus service.