MidtownKC Problem Map

Add Your Sidewalks to the Map

  1. Click "Go To Map" below
  2. Zoom to your location
  3. Click marker icon
  4. Click on map where your sidewalk problem is
  5. In the pop-up box, name your sidewalk problem (e.g. "Tree Roots Lifting Sidewalk")
  6. Add a short description (e.g. "Uneven pavement, 6 inch uplift from tree roots and mud over sidewalk")
  7. If you have a photo, click the photo icon in the pop-up box and upload it
  8. Repeat! 

Note, all data collected is confidential is for resident surveying purpose only. Sidewalks will not be reported to the city and property owners will not be cited for code violations as a result of this survey.