Lee’s Summit Road

The wideing of Lee's Summit Road is a great opportunity for Kansas City and Lee's Summit to realize the vision of their new Complete Streets policies. Will the two cities fully seize this opportunity?

Public Meeting
Tuesday, January 29th

Lee's Summit Road

Kansas City, Lee's Summit, and Jackson County are upgrading Lee's Summit Road between 40 Highway and Colbern Road.  The entire length will include a sidewalk on one side and a multi-use trail on the other side. Bike lanes will be built in Kansas City, but not Lee's Summit.

Three project components:

1. 40 Highway to Little Blue River/Anderson Road. Three lanes with center turn lane, bike lanes, and connection to the Little Blue Trace Trail. MoDOT is designing the intersection at 40 Highway, and we are concerned that they are ending the bike lane too far south of 40 Highway.

2. Little Blue River to Gregory Boulevard. KCMO is also planning for three lanes with bike lanes, but this section will not be built for several more years.

3. Gregory Boulevard to Colbern Road. Lee's Summit is planning for three lanes with center turn lanes and a shoulder with ditch. Bike lanes will not be striped or signed in the City of Lee's Summit. Even though part of this segment is in the KCMO city limits, it will be constructed by Lee's Summit and will not follow KCMO's usual bike lane standards.

Act Now: Sign the petition to make Lee's Summit Road a Complete Street with bike lanes.

What is a Complete Streets?
Complete Streets are designed for everyone, not just cars. They are streets that are safe for people walking and bike, for children, the elderly, or the disabled – as well as motorists. People that live near places to walk and bike are healthier, with lower rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Both Kansas City and Lee's Summit have Livable Streets policies, which is another name for Complete Streets. Learn more about Complete Streets in the metro area.

Why both bike lanes and a trail?
Trails and bike lanes serve different purposes and different groups of people. Trails are great for recreation and fitness, but bike lanes are especially great for transportation. Sometimes there are very good reasons to build both along the same street. Lee's Summit Road is a good example of those reasons.

  • This is the only north/south bike route between Blue Ridge Road and 7 Hwy, a distance of 10 miles. There are no other options for people that are biking for transportation.
  • The trail won't be plowed in the winter, reducing its usefulness as a year-round transportation facility.
  • Lee's Summit is on Kansas City's long-range bike plan, Bike KC. It is not on the Trails KC plan, so the trail is an optional amenity in this case.

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