Events and Happenings

Building a Women Bike KC community

Through events, classes, and activities, we seek to expand the women’s bike movement across the KC Metro. Grab your bike, grab your friends and join us for a class, a beer, a yoga session, or just some old-fashioned conversation.

If digital participation is more your thing, be sure to join our Women Bike KC Facebook group. Feel free to share your experiences on social media using #WomenBikeKC or tagging @BikeWalkKC (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). We’d love to hear why you ride!

Women-Only Education Classes

Women Bike KC offers KC’s most comprehensive adult bike training, Confident City Cycling, just for women. Participants learn new concepts for navigating streets and build practical handling skills necessary for city riding in an inclusive and supportive environment. The course culminates in an on-street ride for participants to use their new skills in a safe, group setting.

Women’s Bike Summit

The KC Women’s Bike Summit is a venue for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together to celebrate bicycling, discuss issues that are relevant and important to women on bikes, and provide hands-on opportunities for women to become more confident. Click here to learn moreThe next Summit will be held in 2018.

Networking Events

Women Bike KC networking events include activities that increase women’s health and socialization opportunities. From bike maintenance workshops to Handlebar Happy Hours to Bike-to-Yoga outings, these events bring women from across the city together for fun and fitness throughout the year. Click here to view the BikeWalkKC events calendar.