Bicycle Dialogues

2018 Bicycle Dialogues


However you come to bicycling, from whatever point in your life, the bicycle frees you. You take charge of your own transportation, your own health. You make your own breeze in your own hair. And for women, trans, and non-binary people who have frequently met with barriers to their personal mobility, this bike-agency can be especially meaningful. At the 2018 Women’s Bike Summit, we asked attendees to share their bike stories in their own words, in their own voices. Click their photos and take a listen, or read the interviews through the “Transcript” links.

Recording by Suzanne Hogan, Education Instructor at BikeWalkKC
Editing by Melissa Von Littel, Videographer at UMB Bank
Transcripts by Joleen Steele

It’s not too late to tell your own story!

Karry Rood

Denesha Snell

Ruth Anne French-Hodgson, with Lisa French and Ruth Terrill

Sally Urdang

Angie Laurie and her daughter Hazel Kay

Nicole Murray

Emily Randel

Jolie Justus

Natasha Waschek and Cheyanne Wolf

Nicole Fitzgerald

Susan Muro

Paige Jones

In 2014, BikeWalkKC profiled local women about their experience cycling, the unique challenges of riding in Kansas City, and how we can work together to get more women on bikes. Read their stories!