Community Development, Technical Assistance, and Professional Development

We offer several opportunities for developing neighborhood advocacy capacity, continuing education for transportation and planning professionals, and technical assistance for schools.

Safe Routes to School Training
This lively workshop provides an overview of the need for safer neighborhoods to encourage more students to walk and bike to school. The program gives parents, school officials, and community leaders effective strategies and action plans to identify problems and act on solutions.

Bike Transportation Planning
Transportation professionals and government staff gain a better understanding of modern bicycle infrastructure while earning continuing education credits. Led by a nationally certified bicycle instructor and a certified transportation professional, this workshop accelerates and equips engineers, planners, and other professionals with the knowledge and tools to implement best practices in safe and effective bicycle facilities.

Neighborhood Advocacy Workshop
Community leaders and neighborhood groups are the best advocates for local improvements. This workshop catalyzes neighbors into action around one or two particular projects of their choosing. By the end of the program participants develop a timeline for their projects, identify funding sources, map out effective strategies, and develop their case statements.

School Travel Planning
We help community leaders, residents and parents develop action plans to improve the safety of walking, biking, and student travel in neighborhoods around schools. Resident input is a key component in these plans, as well as survey data, public meetings, and built environment assessments, which shape all aspects of the final plan. No plan is successful without implementation. Public workshops and trainings are key to ensuring implementation of the final plan.

Resources for Employers
Biking and walking are simple solutions to complex problems of health, transportation, sustainability, and economy. They are also simple solutions for many complex business problems! Learn more about how you can promote biking to work at your company.

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